DraftSpark Speeds Bid Creation to Power Your Revenue Growth

Expand your team’s bid bandwidth so you can create smart, strategic RFP responses
in less time.


DraftSpark’s powerful AI leverages information gleaned from previous proposals to ensure you’re using the best content, the first time and every time.


Creating and maintaining your knowledge base of prior proposals is as easy as uploading your best RFP responses, period. No manual tagging or content organization – the superior document understanding of Xerox’s AI does the heavy lifting for you.


Because your first draft is created in just minutes, you can focus on the value-added work of customizing your responses and enabling your team to capitalize on their creativity, not focus on the tedium of document creation.


Rather than managing emails, spreadsheets and sticky notes, bring your entire team into the unified UI to more easily control work, tasks and milestones.


Push-button simple proposal creation
to speed your time to revenue

  • The most powerful solution for friction-free, high quality proposal development.
  • You’ll be able to respond to more RFPs more effectively, increasing your revenue opportunities.
  • Your team will be engaged on the tasks that count, enabling you to produce better proposals while reducing frustration with repetitive tasks.
  • Be up and running within minutes, not days or weeks.

A Better First Draft,
An Exceptional Proposal

DraftSpark helps your team do their best work with speed, focus, and ease.

Opportunity Proposal

“DraftSpark allows me to locate and leverage our existing proposal content faster and easier. As a proposal team of one, DraftSpark expands my bandwidth, allowing me to increase the number of proposals I can create simultaneously. The process with DraftSpark is effortless. Now I can complete a quality first draft in less than half the time.”

Lyn McCullen, VP of Proposal Management