The Smartest Proposal
Creation Software

DraftSpark is the first AI-native RFP Response Platform, designed to provide you superior results at every step of the process.


Enhanced proposal
& RFP understanding

Document Superpowers

AI trained to understand the nuances of RFP language and terminology will help your team navigate even the longest documents.

Opportunity RFP Analysis
Proposal Content
Opportunity RFP Analysis Smart Topics
  • Previous proposals are used to train the AI,
    enabling it to automatically generate the best
    responses to the majority of questions.
  • Automatic integration with Box allows you to easily import your proposal archive.
  • New RFPs uploaded into the system are “shredded” by the AI engine to understand the document structure and extract required information in minutes.
  • As you answer new questions or enhance the quality of existing responses, machine learning continuously updates the knowledge base, providing you the best answer available every time.

Manage content authoring
and workflow

Smart UI

Keep track of milestones, team members and tasks that need to be accomplished all inside a unified interface.

  • Assign content tasks to the best SME for the topic, right within the document itself.
  • Enable contributors to directly access their assignments while easily seeing the context of the content within the overall document.
  • Proposed responses include multiple suggestions, when appropriate, that the team can select from.
  • Your team still remains in complete control to edit, customize, polish and finalize the proposal, creatively focusing on the customer’s need.
Opportunity Overview

and status

Process Management

Bring all of your SMEs, proposal managers, and editors into a single unified experience that manages scheduling and content creation to more efficiently manage your opportunities.

  • Easily manage the entire process from team selection, task assignments, and timeline tracking in one unified environment.
  • AI analysis provides you with a leg up, also understanding timeline information and milestones specified within the RFP itself.
  • Capture status and outcome of each proposal to report on results and improve performance.
Opportunity Team